New review: LEGO Ninjago Movie 27.09.2017

You could say I have a family too one Harmodon(Sha). In another family squabble, had decided not to despair and see the cartoon about the new designer Ninjago, which all the kids love and watch the series. In the past year by the Storks saw a great short film about Mastreo Wu and the Chicken I was bribed to continue, well, the voice of the incomparable Olivia Munn. But the main thing is that the popularity of the LEGO figures are so off the charts lately, that probably soon will exceed our Bionicles. Perhaps childhood is over, but not today, until there is a true path. And Mozila!

The legend of Nijaga starts with a good story of cheerful shopkeeper. But will continue a tremendous war between the father and Hermogenem and his son Lloyd — Green ninja. Of course the problem of fathers and children is relevant, but the audience this version is not much judging by the reviews. Well, nothing, throw them Securecenter. In the meantime, I will say that this is a relaxing family movie of which few today. With each piece LEGO utopia adult humor is growing, but it does not prevent either parents or the children quietly observe the robots like from Pacific rim and wise landscapes of Japanese culture, kung fu heroes, probably inspired by the movies of Jackie Chan. Or maybe he’s already here? I agree that it’s not the best voice of our Rodriguez Galustyan (you won’t recognize him), but is a plus — Revva no, it would be strange to voice the villain of the third film in a row. BUT. It is interesting that in each film, are teachers the only ones elders. Then Vitruvius and Alfred, and now Wu.

The LEGO Movie. Ninjago — maybe not stored in the memory of each, but remember, it’s easier to take the night the Shanghai noon or LEGO. Of Course LEGO. Now, I have to run to the kitchen to eat the pie, while Garmadon is not cracked on the head…

New review: LEGO Ninjago Movie 27.09.2017

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