New review: LEGO Ninjago Movie 28.09.2017

Though I’m not young, I loved the LEGO Movie and the LEGO Movie: Batman. The optimum way combined entertainment quality children’s animation and parody references to pop culture for adults. LEGO Ninjago continues the tradition of the series, but more focused on children’s audience. Of course, parents will also be interesting to see Jackie Chan, to see references to vintage films about the masters of kung-fu and TV shows from the 90s in the spirit of the Mighty Rangelov, but it already looks not as cheerful and cheeky as the first two films.

Pros — good jokes, the plot adequate, very delicately depicts the theme of broken families and failed marriages.

Cons — no kids to watch makes no sense, and after watching the children have to buy a new constructor.

7 out of 10

New review: LEGO Ninjago Movie 28.09.2017

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