New review: Leo 12.10.2017

Not just to make a worthwhile film, which is based on a trivial story. Very easy never surpass the effect produced by the story itself. With a picture of a lion and came out. Their lives of poor Indian children Lion looks like Slumdog Millionaire 2, but without Danny Boyle. Therefore, there is nothing remarkable, except for the drawn out story, of boredom and some pepper from the mountains in the Director’s chair.

All the film aims to make the most of the viewer’s tear: bolsheglazyj ragged boy, affection for mother and brother, the evil rock of destiny. The first part of the film, which, it seems, should be just a Preface to the main part, watchable, but very snug. And then an hour sees the actor attempts to Patel, which, apparently, was nominated for the award just because of the fact that the Millionaire has forgotten to do. Interestingly, the film is not ashamed of his act of mercy, when in this same category is the bridges? And other award rubber Kidman just because she says in her monologue, and not AS?

Absolutely not worth anyone’s attention movie. Well, maybe the girl together so there she wept and she wiped his tears.

5 out of 10

New review: Leo 12.10.2017

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