New review: Leo 28.07.2017

There are films, from which the soul is torn from the banks. Not in forces to overcome the resistance of earth shell, she is rapidly flowing from his eyes, tears and long rings inside, beating like a metal tongue on the wall of the bell.

The “lion” from the category such. This film is filled with life, and not only because it is based on the real events, but because it is about us, about the essence, the seed that lies within each of us. For me, it was a film about purpose in its deepest sense.


Why come to earth woman?

To bring to the light children.

And if she comes into the world in which children without shelter and kind have dramatically many, and multiplied every day? Maybe then the responsibility placed on her shoulders, grows proportionally with the number of children? Maybe now life throws her other challenges, pose new, additional challenges? Maybe now more than ever she can grab at least one from this chaos of bespritzt and doom? To light thin, fragile match, which, as you know, will give birth to a large fire…

A woman comes into the world, to raise your heart to raise him in depth and breadth, to get to the bottom. Only a woman is capable of it: don’t sift the sand in search of gold, but love every grain of sand — every not-such-as-all and every — as part of the whole. You never know how much is in there, underground streams until it breaks well, and the deeper the boring, the stronger, the purer will be the flow of love. Yes, painful, painful, but otherwise can’t get in there deep. Otherwise it is not growing. The heart does not grow without pain.


Why does the light of man?

“Find answers to questions, to break the deadlock”. The man puts his life on finding his way. And of the thousands beaten he’ll choose the one on which no foot of man. The man has two important beginning: the name and the root, he comes to call and be called. Without a name and the root he is no one. The modern world — a world of vast distances, which are overcome within minutes but are replaced by concepts obespechivaetsya man, turns it into a tumbleweed and cut off from the main, does not have the resource to exist. So frantically looking for, bites his teeth into their right — to carry the name and know the source. Looking For A Spring.


Why does the old man?

A man comes to fulfill what is empty without him. To take of myself and to fill this world. To take from the world and replenish yourself. As street the lost ones, we are looking for in the crowd of His, istoplevel feet in search of the most off-road, rush, prisoners, the high-speed train era… Where? And even from not knowing…

But the right way is always with us, even if we don’t know his name and have forgotten who we are. Because all roads lead to Home, where the light.


p.s. And in this film it is a space boy. Don’t be the whole story, and whether he alone, the movie would still have taken place. Boy catharsis.

New review: Leo 28.07.2017

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