New review: Lethal weapon 28.07.2017

I already admitted in love the original franchise, “Lethal weapon”. Have said that Gibson and Glover one of the best on-screen duos of all time. It is therefore not surprising that the exit of this series, I reacted very, very skeptical.

At first, I even watch it and was not going to. But when I went out for about 5 series, I decided to give him a chance. And… Martin Riggs pissed me off just with the first sight. Of course, it is not easy to be a competitor charismatic Gibson, but Riggs wanted to just throw in the washing machine. Then appeared on the screen Marto and I thought, “What is this?”. Glover even in the first series already middle-aged, experienced, and tired, and then some middle-aged man, allegedly after a heart attack, but somehow wholesome. However, then I found out that Damon Wayans for 56 years. (Is he in cryo sleep or something?). Dissatisfied bohca, I watched the first series and… immediately turned on the second.

It’s amazing, but I watched the entire first season and now waiting for the second.

Wonderful series with cute characters, great humor, gunfights and car chases are amazing. It is interesting to observe how partners adapt to each other, how to investigate the case as a result of their friendship Martin returns to humanity. I liked the secondary characters are the captain, the psychologist and the gorgeous Mrs. Murtaugh.

Yes, there are unrealistic scenes, like Jogging right down the middle of the highway from the car or jump into the pool from the window of a skyscraper, but the original film this sin.

In General, the second season definitely will.

But still, I hope Riggs will replace the hair, or shave off this ridiculous mustache, or at least the head will be washed more often. Still, Gibson is a Gibson. Yes…

New review: Lethal weapon 28.07.2017

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