New review: Leviathan 20.09.2017

Film Leviafan empty and unforgivable black for kinoiskusstva. The whole drama is built around the stupidity and absurdity of what is happening. “Russian soul” is fully raskryta say every second will be absolutely wrong. We are not, as shown in the film: spineless drunks, fools and blinded by the power of fools. “Russian soul” is not at the bottom of the bottle. Yes, in Russia there are problems no doubt about it, but this is our country want to see abroad, and are likely to see. A pity that in our country we have a great literature (not cardboard as in America), in our country the best classical music in our country open people: honest and carefree, kind and compassionate.

Yes the mentality as the saying goes on. We are who we are, Russians, but not like in the movie. The main character of this picture just goes with the flow, doing his job, he lives, but he is stupid and boring character. This is evident by his actions in the film. And everything in this picture such decisions taken by the characters are not true. And if so would ordinary people, for our planet it would have been over long ago.

The film is well put, in terms of directing and acting I liked the game. But has caused the rejection of it is fake Russian, as in a bad TV series artificiality and absurdity (again) of the situation. And Yes, in Russia there is chaos in terms of selection of land and property, but it was shown like two goat horns rested and did not want each other to concede. Compromises always exist and people will always find a way out of the situation. And to be honest I would love to see a strong character to cope with their problems no matter what. Nor for the wife of a fool, nor on politics, nor on vodka he would be able to cope with everything and to overcome difficulties and hardships. And in the end to stand against the system.

However, the film is not about that, rather it is a film for a Western audience. Although I do not believe the Russian movie. Comedy we are talking about vodka (Bitter), dramatic movies, too, about the vodka. And Russia is not only vodka and bears, ladies and gentlemen. We’ve got a place and patriotism and to the spirit of sport. And not everyone in the country is a fool and an alcoholic. Sorry you are wrong here.

5 out of 10

New review: Leviathan 20.09.2017

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