New review: Lexx 24.06.2017

Once upon a time, in a parallel Universe… Oh, no, actually here on Earth… at the end of the 90s, I came across this series. See, not all succeeded, but what he saw was enough to more than ten years not to forget this name, the most stupid questions to answer, “I am the Lexx. I am the most powerful weapon of destruction in the two universes.” and enjoy then wide-eyed opponent and slowly in the shower from time to time to hum a hymn of the extinct people, the Brunnen-G.

Yes. It was love. And because young love is a substance sometimes brittle, that I long did not dare/to review this show, so as not to be disappointed in tender memories.

But once decided.

Yes. He’s exactly what I remember. An explosive mixture of science fiction, psychedelics, quality banter, drama, horror, deep philosophy and a fierce social satire. It breaks the mind and burns through the brain. He miserably breaks all existing templates and radically changes associative array labeled “science fiction”. And spectator entertainment, on top of all this cocktail ruthless creators poured another brilliant soundtrack. In fact, I easily would have written a separate review on the music of the TV series Lexx.

This series is fascinating absurdity and unpredictability of the plot. A group of heroic altruists — freedom fighters plotting an uprising and unheard of audacity capture, but all the cream gets two completely “left”, monopreparatam, characters. Yes, even the dead ogress to them in the company.

These two (plus dead) is the most powerful weapon of destruction in history, but all they care about is to find a partner for sex (although “officially” they are looking for a new home).

True, without any reservations, the man at Lexx^e one, captain Stanley Tweedle, but the most human, the most humane, truly good deeds are performed olopatadine Zev and the dead Kai. In fact, without Kai a couple at the very beginning would have been devoured by Cigerattes.

Stanley Tweedle, a traitor, a rag, a coward and a rather pathetic creature, but when comes the most terrible moment Stanley comes as a real hero. For the first time — when the decision to fight Mantrid and second when a fly expands to cover flying to the asteroid of the alien, Kaya from drones. Do you remember that? IN my opinion, this alone was worth to watch the whole series. “They… will clean out all of mankind in this Universe… being a man, I intend to prevent it.” However, I still have goosebumps from these words.

But there are powerful moments in the series is complete. For example, recent dialogue between Kai and Prince. For example, the moment when Stanley, a very lonely and very unhappy, saying goodbye to my stupid life waiting for a supernova explosion, and Xev-lizard Xev gives him a hand — how much emotion in the gesture. How much humanity! And many other scenes, which is no less than breathtaking.

I’m not talking about the series “Brigadoom” of the second season, where emotions just going wild.

Depth of content “Lexx^and” shakes. Unleashed asphalt roller in the series consistently walked around the ideas of social structure, religion, eternal life (Oh, the dream of eternal life is simply exemplary unrolled, a pure delight!), and even the British epic went in the fourth season.

Technologies of the imagination. This is a real, previously unknown to science fiction. Lasticon for turning women into sex slaves. Decarbonisation body, virtually indestructible. The Dying Universe. Spaceships based on real, live insects, with a lively intellect and the ability to grow, to love, to feel pain. This is not a hackneyed blasters and starships.

And dialogues, dialogues… to Quote characters in almost any situation.

“I am unfamiliar sense of motivation,” “I survived”, “I have no motivation to help them” (Kai);

“I rarely lie. I funnier to tell the truth”, “good Luck! But it’s not from the heart.” (Prince);

“If you cry, you can cry all my love” (Licca);

“The universe is burning… one good last BUMMM” (Lexx)

“Threats? As it is biological”, “Your name is a disgrace to the carbon molecules” (790й).

… Yes, it is love. Not so much equal to “Lexx^” on the scale and boldness of judgment series. I would say Lexx is a unique event in movie-serial world.

Not collapse, it is addictive.

New review: Lexx 24.06.2017

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