New review: License to kill 03.10.2017

Still I don’t like the way James bond created by Timothy Dalton and at the time of the film he seems to not like the many spectators. Perhaps this is why the actor starred in two tapes, and then left the franchise, maybe he himself was aware that the super spy went from him unconvincing. Well, unlike he the person packs killing enemies and fewer packs of seductive models must look too intelligent.

Apparently realizing that Timothy Dalton is good as a dramatic actor, the authors attempted to shift the focus and give more emphasis to his emotions. And Yes, bond here like never human, he’s scared, worried about friends, recklessly rushes to avenge loved ones. But against the backdrop of a compelling and well written of the characters became even more evident caricature of the bond.

The idea of giving James bond’s personal motives to hunt the villain of course is good, this move immediately makes us stronger to empathize with the hero. As it is still difficult to associate themselves with the agent killing people left and right for the sake of national security, but with the person who lost close friends and wishing to take revenge for it already just. That’s just unnecessary humanization of the protagonist makes it strong enough and memorable.

The second and final film with Timothy Dalton took into account the errors of the previous part, but the fix could not all.

6 out of 10

New review: License to kill 03.10.2017

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