New review: Life ahead 05.10.2017

The funeral of a classmate a sad occasion. But it is possible to escape from daily routine and to recollect the youth.

It is unclear, stood there with our knees, but in cinemas, people have more on order. I already used to come in and sit anywhere, but here me out become legitimate ticket holders. It’s cool to watch a movie in full hall. A long-forgotten feeling.

Watched because there was nothing interesting in the cinema was not. And because of the actors. Somehow quietly accumulated a small number of actors, for which I am ready to go to the movies. PAL, Swedes, Yuliya Aleksandrova. Firing from the role of repeating past achievements (Gopnik plays), so uninteresting. For Shvedova came up with a great way of exploiting his role as macho. Really critical happened. With Khodchenkova anything decent did not look and I just opening. From the first appearance of the cemetery in a large hat (the unexpected roll with Florinda Balkan from “a Lizard in women’s skin” — but this is hardly so intended, purely my Association). To expressive playing with a taped mouth.

By the way, great idea to capture not just about the CWS the CWS and about a whole school class — they are now all over thirty. And tearing the roof with great force at all.

We have always been in the rearguard of the world competition “who makes the dirty joke” — and here is one that I didn’t see anybody and that was even harsh for me. Still there is a joke about the gynecologist (watch the trailer) — which took quite a liking to the female half of the hall. Cool effect — when a lot of people in the hall and laugh for only ladies.

What movie stands out among my previous favorites (Kiss!, The best day) — it is sad. Very funny and sad. Because all the characters were losers and I understand that it will be always. Entire life which is to come. No catharsis, which can console the losers in comedies.

New review: Life ahead 05.10.2017

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