New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

You know, seeing the actors of “kiss” and “the best day” and also know the name of the Director, I knew that going in.

But I liked the trailer. More precisely, two stories — Khodchenkova — PAL, Swedes-Smoljaninov. The rest of the story despite the very awkward and stupid scene in the gynecological chair, it seemed to me at least… Tolerable.

In General, then it was without surprises. Characters — cardboard-gipertrofirovannyy stereotypes, moral promises is highly questionable acting at times happy, at times, drives in the paint, the overall tone of the picture can be called: “ashamed of what is happening on the screen, but sometimes I wonder.”

I passed a very inappropriate and not funny sex scenes, I endured a not very pleasant characters, and even suffered a moment Julia Alexandrova are unable to depict the tears, because, as I said, the two stories I was interested in. The story of the journey of the character Smolyaninova, a devout believer, last gangster, and his classmate — character Shvedova, the former Pai boy, and now either the bandit, or something like that. Yes, believers put malami, are not adapted to live mattresses and ahlami, but the acting of these two were on the level, and the interaction between them was interesting. I even caught myself thinking that I would see a movie with the same plot.

The second story, the story of the firing character and the character Khodchenkova. About acting not even going to say, because first, as I’ve heard many criticism and praise, and second I’m a big fan and will be biased. The story is fairly simple, sometimes the behavior of the characters is not quite clear(especially crude jokes in the finale of the drama, inserted, apparently, in favor of “comedynet”),but overall, she left a nice touching experience.

And the film’s punishing you for something you liked. For the ending, where the character is somehow changed, or reached his goal, has only the character of Yulia Alexandrova. Yes, for this had to sacrifice a little logic to suddenly change the characters of many minor characters, but it somehow ending. The other characters just … Left. Dumped where they found the credits. As if the film itself is tired of the stories that he tells. And you know what? Even that I would not be so embarrassed, if not one but.

History Shvedova-Smolyaninova, which initially served as one of the two main, just stops in the middle of the movie! They just… Lost!! They are literally in the middle of the movie got off the bus, which brought together all the main characters and we know nothing about them!

I really, really hope the second part. No, I will not go to her if she will come. I just wish this film was unsaid part of something and not a separate product.

New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

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