New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

As the film began, so it was..


Talk about rich picture don’t even have. Main story — sucked from the finger, provincial, ancient stories and epics. Playing some of the actors seemed disrespectful to the viewer. Want to play drunk — drink, odnimi, look and repeat until you get it. Sorry got with their teachings, but a drunken person to distinguish not so difficult.

Divided into separate stories the film, which was not able to unite all aged students in a single that would become a full-fledged Comedy hit, and to incorporate all actors into something really funny. Therefore the description “Old secrets and personal grudge, resentment, and first love turn into a swirl of passion.” – …sorry, what? Maelstrom, yeah, well.


A painting like this was rushed out. Though sometimes frustrating to watch, and even boring, but a lot of people cater to one or two storylines at least. Of course about the characters to invent and think out viewers will, of course, but no pictures, sorry.


Loved the story Khodchenkova&PAL. As a game, and clever plot of these characters, but damn little..

Not going to write that I went by chance, I went specifically. And when you expect just that — not even disappointed.

New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

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