New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

Comedy — a genre diverse, providing scope for implementation. “Four rooms” and “Major Payne” — bright representatives of black humor, “the Hangover” meets all the canons of the insane and unbelievable. A separate subclass of formed Russian Comedy, his appearance over and over again, adds a shovel of earth on the coffin of quality jokes.

The level of Russian Comedy is unmistakable identified by the trailer. But the simplicity is attractive synopsis “Life ahead” were ingenious “eye candy”, and the name — “sham” broke out in vain hopes.

11 B is found 15 years after release to the funeral of a classmate. The process of reunification is accompanied by declassification of teenage misunderstandings.

The theme of the tape, it would seem that a solid Foundation for the history about the formation of personality, the film is about how the premature death makes one think about modifying goals, redefining your life. But the story of the life of the proletarians, is characterized by filmmakers like the picture of the “about us” tells the story of the cattle people, worthy of the circus freaks. Shows the set of psycho is hardly fertile ground for witty jokes, and a sin, apparently, to change his favorite humor below the belt. And as there is a decent joke if “Life ahead” large-scale outright mockery: mockery of human life, scenario over capacity and over best art direction.

The content is divided into several story lines: the vicissitudes of a love triangle of a married lady, careless the object of her addiction and in love with her gynecologist, children’s unforgotten resentment playboy (in the past cornered the boy) in the direction of becoming a religious fan of the racketeer, a dream date taxi driver-loser from the Queen of the class and try large lady to adjust the position of the childless (to it 34 years) girlfriend.

The picture is crowded frankly repulsive things. In nothing is the concept of “family”. Married Sims are at the speed of rabbits to sleep with the first object of the opposite sex, and a pregnant drunk woman under the influence caused by alcohol hormones ready to shove her husband’s girlfriend for the night, so to speak, out of kindness. While married men run after suffering classmates, free to actively use the services of sex workers. Karen Oganesyan, apparently, women are not much higher views, his female characters are assigned to the role of prostitutes, of strippers, of the two-timers or abnormal, and the idea of the man of the middle class mixed with dirt. Short-term interest only line hopelessly fell in love with the warden and the Queen class, a career in Europe which — “spin the booty behind the glass. A dream come true stuck in adolescence the boy looked cute and childish that likable.

Not understandable, for what purpose introduced played by Sergey Buzunovym teacher. Flashed a couple of times on camera, he outlined his conditional involvement of abstract phrases from which nothing has emerged. For “Life ahead” he’s a boy with a butterfly net, and his signature “what are you doing here”?

The incident is not an Orgy a bit of vitality and full of nonsense. For some reason, the characters in the movie in the age of computerisation may not even know each other, but somehow aware of the fate of the classmates. I have the feeling that since graduation, all of these people have never seen. The past 15 years have no meaning, neither for the film nor for the characters, because life 11 B is stopped at puberty, or do not explain why the subject of excitement — outstanding school problems.

The more to come to light movies funded by the Ministry of Culture or the “Cinema Fund”, the more questions you have the wisdom of the past. And is money the Ministry of Culture and advertising revenues, the Russian agriculture Bank were not enough to at least finish out the film to its logical conclusion! Plot failures, the solution of problem situations out of nowhere overshadowed by the frustration abruptly breaking the narrative. Apparently, all the money went to purchase the song “Varvara” by BI-2, because Alexei Glyzin hardly asked much for their “You’re not angel.”

“Russian cinema rises from its knees” — so we are told. But does this apply to the Comedy question.

5 out of 10

New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

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