New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

Was waiting when the movie will release, I really wanted to see Sasha scorching, Denis Shvedov and Paul Priluchnogo. Is a good combination of actors is interesting to me, and read the description of the film on the website of the cinema that it is a tragicomedy, with great interest, went to the session.

What is “Life ahead”? It’s absolutely incredible the sound trackhere, every song that he know the words and sing along even want. This is a film about midlife crisis, about life, about the classmates. What sort of characters.. All the characters are very vivid, and all the actors in their places. Yulia Aleksandrova again very good. And the film really turned out to be a tragicomedy, because it seems like everything and comical, but sad on the other hand from what you know in the characters are really their classmates, and sometimes (Oh, God) even yourself, and that “all is not gold that glitters,” and that “injury to all from childhood”.

In General, high-quality Russian cinema. Admirers Żory Gooseberry family will surely appreciate his “sketches” of a simple comical-tragic life of the Russian people.

9 out of 10

New review: Life ahead 08.10.2017

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