New review: Life ahead 11.10.2017

Comedies — how many in this phrase of pain. If you start to list all “outstanding” creation, the gateway will start only from one of their references, not that of watching… at least the trailer. And there are the names of kinodela, which is already firmly associated with these kinds of movies, and there are those who can be called ambiguous. Karen Hovhannisyan is one of those, having started his career on a very high note drama “I’m staying” and the Thriller “Domovoy”, the Director has gone downhill, but his new film, he apparently said, both ourselves and the rest of “Life ahead”.

For the first time after graduation from school, 11 “B” meets at the funeral of a classmate. They believe that the increased that they shook my life and that they have changed, but the development of tragedy, it becomes clear that though it’s been fifteen years, but all of these people have remained teenagers. One of the beauties of the class in love with the bully, and behind her all the way and runs quiet. Have squeezed another person, even if it was successful in terms of career and relationships with people she never learned. Scored a wimp and a real gangster, are reversed, but the fear and force have not gone away. And they all get the opportunity to make or change time lost.

The film is accused of being too cynical and yellow journalism… and actually, this is a little all sheet things happening on the screen. But in any case, the tin is not expressed in sortirny humor, or any excesses of this kind. The humor in the film is excellent and at times quite subtle, moreover, there is an interesting technique, a joke or situation invoked another joke or situation, it means nothing for the characters, but the audience a reason to laugh. For those who graduated from high school and any felt that, Yes, after some hard moments, will not hurt the seen, but on the contrary, will note something familiar from their own or someone else’s experience, because more and more of ECM realistic and has under itself a real basis.

It is not necessary to look at the poster, nothing like that in the film there is no place for such there is also no, this is not another stupid and primitive Comedy in the style of those who do not call, as a poster, as posters for the films of Roman Karimov sign for ordinary people who only have the alcoholics to see, to laugh over stupid jokes below the belt. Familiarize exclusively with the trailer, in the case of this movie, if you liked it, and then the film will enjoy it!

The actors, as the Director, called once again. In good movies work, bad… obviously. And as you can guess, here the actors play. Nikita Efremov, Alexander PAL, Arthur Smoljaninov, Denis Shvedov and Sergey Burunov, direct really good and inspire, not grimace, replay or show full of mediocre, as is often the case. Characters in fact, a little bit, but they all have time to open up and barerstrasse, while not changing. The same role plays and harmonious to the sad mood of the film soundtrack.

In General, no matter how much time has passed and how much older the people were, and no matter how much you tried to change, they still remain the same teenagers with the problems, complexes, fears, and desires and aspirations that actually make them who they are. In short, “Life ahead”, another great example of a good Patriotic movie made not for money laundering, prepaymania relatives or implement disgusting ideas, and it made for pleasant viewing.

New review: Life ahead 11.10.2017

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