New review: Life ahead 12.10.2017

If you’re 25+, then the movie is definitely worth going. You are sure to understand, feel, live, enjoy and laugh heartily. How to laugh? If the whole movie reflects real life, after all, the way it is. Of course some moments are exaggerated for laughs, but the overall picture is very believable.

This picture represents almost all of my favorite actors: Queen Khodchenkova, a great PAL, a charming Priluchny, serious Smolyaninov, a saucy Swedes, shrinking Roots, crazy Medynich, my dear Alexander and of course modest Vitorgan. It’s just some kind of unreal cast.

Really want to go through all the actors of course, because each of them was on top, they each gave me their moments of joy and laughter.

Khodchenkova, she’s a star and Queen. In the background of all it looks amazing. Actually, I used to see her in more serious roles, even when she acted in comedies, she still has a way what was not comical. But then, with the first frame of the hall was just pakate. The Queen, in this awkward hat in this comical setting. Incredibly cool happened.

Priluchny of course not surprised, he in his role and at times a little vybeshivaet, well, too vulgar and unpleasant. In General, I completely empathized with the heroine, played by Medenec. Plus in the background of all he looks too young. Can be the way it is conceived in connection with one scene in the restaurant, but it’s overkill, but really, he is 25, and the rest at 35 at least. Too see the difference.

Tandem Shvedova and Smolyaninova is something crazy. The Swedes, as Priluchny again played his usual character, a kind redneck guy with complexes. But this time it was much utrirovannoe. Some kind of inadequate, crazy, from one extreme to another, but so funny. And all that happened to them along the way to this village, this whole line is incredibly funny. Very sorry that their line ended so quickly, because I wanted to see it again and again on all this. It is a pity that the character Smolyaninova did not deploy in some crazy creature.

PAL, a great PAL. I wish this actor a big, expensive, long career. I love it, this talented, wonderful person. He always plays some inadequate guys, but plays them so heartily. His scenes in this film made me laugh the most. It was something unimaginable. I want to contact him directly: Alex, don’t stop, we love you very much, create, helped, and we, fans, support your paintings.

The film is first-class, insanely funny, Yes, but a lot of vulgarity, but I turn a blind eye, because the creators gave me an hour and a half of unrestrained laughter and fun. Each character in this story is special, with its history, with its juice, each can be dismantled piece by piece, and understand his motivation. It was great, thank you, more such movies!

New review: Life ahead 12.10.2017

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