New review: Life ahead 13.10.2017

Last time in Russia, it became popular to take such a dramatic Comedy or lyrical films. It seemed that the Life Ahead is one of the brightest representatives of the genre. Especially after you know the cast of actors. Is it really so? Will tell you without spoilers.

In fact, the film’s captivating trailer, which promises to gather micro-novels are different people and different situations under one common idea. Then you pierce his cheek with a sharp hook with the list of actors playing the main roles — and drags fiercely, quickly pulling the line into the theater. Well, you rate: Svetlana Hodchenkova, Alexander PAL, Pavel Priluchny, Artur Smolyaninov, Denis Shvedov, Egor Koreshkov, Olga Medynich, Maxim Vitorgan, Valery Kozhevnikov and others… Remember only this picture about Shut Up and take my money

And so, taking my money, but at the same time Mani one more person, whom I dragged along to the cinema on the first day of the film, cinema begins to show me the film. It would seem that such a group of actors — Yes, there is a plot is not needed, just take off them nicely, and they already do it…

But, alas, the truth was cruel, but realize it starts after the exit of the hall. The actors are beautiful. Played great. Than created at some point, especially in the beginning, the illusion of an interesting movie. But now a movie is in the second half of the timing — but really nothing interesting happens. And now the heroine Khodchenkova was connected and still nothing. And here suddenly time — and credits. Although as suddenly. Due to the fact that for a long time nothing happens, you, initially, very positive attitude, is slowly slipping into “and how soon it will end” with the hope “maybe now would be a plot twist and everything will make sense and will combine the incredible tangle of events?!”

But no, Karen Oganesyan, who directed this film, blatantly laughs in your face and ends the film without any sensible endings and morals. The fate of the characters really were not disclosed, the storyline leaves vnikuda without any ideas and vivid endings, and the cycle of events is utterly mundane, boring and dreary. And here, on leaving the cinema, you realize that the movie was expecting cool, well, at least on the level About Love… And in fact, won an absolute dumb and stupid the empty, senseless and dull, boring and dreary. Just do not understand why blended excellent actors. Cards they the Director the duty lost or something, or what it was? It is not clear…

Result. Unfortunately, the movie is empty, boring and vague. Go for it in the movie I do not recommend at all, and the house to look bored. The actors is really cool. And play good. But too shockingly weak script and plot. So what you would not have been cool actor — an empty movie will not pull out as you try not to.

4 out of 10

New review: Life ahead 13.10.2017

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