New review: Life as we know it 24.06.2017

Every little girl loves to dream. We all painted her lips with mom’s lipstick or wore shoes. And I thought it would be when I’m an adult. Meeting a cool guy and we like each other. He would propose, and it will be so romantic. And then a fun wedding with lots of friends and beautiful photos. And then the baby will be born, the most beloved and desired.

It happens. But… maybe not. Life likes to rearrange the puzzles, making unprecedented combination. Sometimes it is not so as we dreamed in childhood. And “sbycha dreams” begins with the end. There is a child, responsibility, family life. And it is not clear whether he promised a great guy at the end of the tale.

The heroes of the film “Life as we know it”, Holly and Eric, were living their “adult” interests. Build career and develop business, went on dates, socialized with friends. But didn’t know what real responsibility. Until she appeared in person in their lives in the image of their little goddaughter.

In an instant everything changed. In a car accident killed a couple, their close friends. They leave the baby in the care of their godparents, who in the spirit each other not tolerate. Life has put them before a choice, but to solve them.

Can two adults to appease their ego and to negotiate for the sake of the little man? Will understand that are most important to them? Look at life as it is, without quotes.

8 out of 10

New review: Life as we know it 24.06.2017

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