New review: Life is beautiful 06.10.2017

Italian actor, Director, screenwriter and comedian Roberto Benigni is a very eccentric person. His extravagant antics and kind demeanor are known throughout the world. It is one of the most famous and popular ambassadors of Italian cinema. Roberto Benigni famously always plays a major role in the paintings that he has supplied. He mostly worked in Comedy, but this tape though, and fits his directorial style and ironic style, stands out in the overall work of the author.

The Holocaust is very well represented in the global culture. In the literature these events are reflected in the smallest details, but the cinema not long ago was limited to only documentary films. And only in 1993 Steven Spielberg in a brutal and realistic manner, showed artistic view of such a terrible page of history in his film “Schindler’s List”. Four years later , Roberto Benigni presented his ribbon of similar subjects but using an entirely different approach. He decided to go the other way and took a very original and unusual movie. This is largely a fictional story, but inspired by the fates of real people who were prisoners of the camps and has recorded their memories into memoirs.

Before us is a mixture of various genres. In the picture are wonderfully interwoven Comedy and tragedy, war drama and sentimental melodrama. The film tells about difficult things, but it does so in an easy and relaxed manner. If the first part is ironic Comedy, funny and kind during which you truly rest the soul, the second part becomes a complex and tragic drama. This original and bold approach makes the picture a significant phenomenon in world cinema.

But the issues raised are serious. We see the society growing racial and Nazi sentiment as the beginning of the Holocaust, observed the lives of prisoners in a concentration camp and see all the horrors of war. However, touching such a difficult problem, the Director tries to make viewers fear, but because every situation is wrapped in a playful wrapper. And so the film can be viewed even impressionable people. Tears but most to avoid the still not able.

Roberto Benigni as mentioned earlier he played a major role. His character is cheerful Guido is striking in its optimism and ironic approach to life. Giorgio Cantarini in the role of a young little boy charms with his naivety. And this couple, the father and son are forced to go through a nightmare. And watching their misadventures, not to empathize with them is simply impossible.

Life is beautiful is on the one hand sentimental, ironic, funny and life-affirming Comedy, and other heavy, vital, deep and touching drama. The picture raises important questions and talks about difficult things, but does it in simple and accessible language. The film makes a strong impression and gives food for thought.

8 out of 10

New review: Life is beautiful 06.10.2017

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