New review: Light in the ocean 04.10.2017

Strolling through the Louvre, walk past the Mona Lisa, and nothing. Splendor pulls, but half an hour before the taxi left, and the rest also need to watch. This “fat” analogy, in principle, quite well explains the existence of the last sliver of Derek Cianfrance in the General situation of world cinema, at least the last five years.

A young but already veteran Tom decides to finish his life in silence and solitude, becoming the caretaker of the lighthouse, resulting in unexpectedly finds the love of his life, Isabel, which is the first third of the picture completely not looking away from his eyes. The trouble their happy family life is a disastrous attempt to have a baby, so sent a boat with a dead man and a baby they perceive as a gift from God. At least Isabelle…

Everything in this tape leads to drama. Every action of the characters, each incident — the mark drama is absolutely for everyone, and unpacking the next stage, the nature of the matter to match changes to her. If ever I will be given all his knowledge of the history of cinema and to bring them into a common format where one Chapter will be devoted to the explanation of the genre categories of film, is not as simple as tragedy and Comedy, the “drama” can be easily explained by the example of the movie, by the way, like this one.

“Light in the ocean” — a drama that, at least, should be canonized because everything in it is made to be more than perfect and used every opportunity for this. No one requires the viewer sobs, no one makes love unattainable category, no one is exaggerating, introducing social overtones. In addition, the polished to the disgust script is not wrong not once, completing each emerging story, following the set traditions of cinema and using in a certain proportion of sugary, but polite and true to the form of the righteousness of each personage.

The tragedy develops in the absence of the enemy.

Fully is to pay tribute to the whole team who worked on the film, because in addition to the most important part — the script, nothing gave reason to doubt the characters, standing as if on a theatrical stage, in numerous close-up and the visual component of the surrounding nature.

It is strange to have only positive side, but yet still not fully appreciated. Despite the perfect canvas, you walk past him, slowly, and not showing their interest. Perhaps, in some measure, the gender distribution was indeed related to this, what was noted and this work in the global network. But, somehow, objective criteria for this very hard to find.

Yet her monumental loyalty allows her to stay for the most part, only in theory.

(written 6.1.2017)

New review: Light in the ocean 04.10.2017

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