New review: little Red riding Hood 26.09.2017

I recently got a new tradition: Soviet watch children’s movies while cooking, cleaning the kitchen etc.. (the Main thing — that in the kitchen!) Some movies seem stupid and dull, or, conversely, sugary and fake. Others, on the contrary, opening up a previously unseen side. Some call exactly the same delight as a child. Here is the turn of “little Red riding Hood”.

I must say, I was a child, this film is not loved. He seemed boring and unbearably long. The only thing I liked was the lullaby from the second series. Remember how at age 7 I was put in the hospital for three weeks — and I somehow always remembered this song. And it was very sad. “There, on the moon, on the moon…”

And so I watched the movie many years later. And with great surprise discovered that in my childhood I never saw it completely and that the villains turns out to be wolves. As a child I was sure that these heroes — some kind of directorial innovation, some robbers. I also found that the film, however, and encompasses many ideas. And not-so children’s ideas. Finally understood the word, walking in the song about Africa before the “rivers”: “the Gullies, rivers, crayfish…”

But, three times alas, my attitude has not improved. I just yawned, like a child. Great actors. Good song. A good story about what are different duty and honor, about the true and false friendship, about true and false family values, about the deceitfulness of appearances, about the naive and intractable philosophical questions. But all clothed in the shell of buffoonery, and unfunny and quite dull. Actors, favorite us on other films, played as if reluctantly, the story somehow gets lost in the songs. Clean up songs and create the impression of a children’s party at which only little Red riding Hood and the Wolf seem real.

(and now I’m going to do minus…)

New review: little Red riding Hood 26.09.2017

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