New review: Live 03.10.2017

One decade succeeds another, and the subject of aliens does not lose its popularity — the more readily for us, the space, the more Directors are turning in their stories to extraterrestrial life, so captivating our imagination with its inaccessibility and absolute uncertainty. And sometimes if aliens show look like us — humanoid — that from time to time there are such bizarre creatures like in the movie “Something”. However, to come up with something new becomes harder and harder that Daniel Espinosa was able to prove particularly well.

Like in “Alien”, an alien gets on Board the space station and begins to terrorize her employees. The already unoriginal spoiled the plot as predictable, and the despair of the Director, who was afraid to swing the whole hand in the creative impulse, and the other struggled trying to cling to his own imagination, to picky the viewer did not see in Live any very obvious borrowings from other films.

What happened to the exit? Vague, concise and too far-fetched fiction, the focus of which is a guest from Mars. But it’s not Xenomorph with toxic blood, and not the Predator with the mandibles. No, it’s something special. So special that, unfortunately, the events never believe. With an emphasis on the singularity of beings, called the Kelvin, went bust. And the point is not that it is similar to the “trilobite” from “Prometheus” — it is in its essence. It is obvious that the alien is reasonable, but what is intended — and remains a mystery. He does not want to eat people and attack for… in order to get on the Ground? But for what? Too much untold, unsolved.

The same disadvantage applies to characters. Did someone from the earthlings the existence of Kelvin? What conspiracy was established by the organizers of space researchers, for which they took an alien organism — all of this in the film is given a few hints, but they are all the same and limited. The intrigue is not perfect.

But, despite a lot of shortcomings, and to praise “Live”. Acting happy, especially like to mention Ariana Bakare and Hiroyuki Sanada. Jake Gyllenhaal and Rebecca Ferguson are cause for restrained impression — try. The space shown in the film is colourful and attractive — is also a separate praise. If only the plot was thought out more carefully, the delight would be more than enough. And so his seven points the film gets mostly only for disturbing ending.

7 out of 10

New review: Live 03.10.2017

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