New review: Live 10.06.2017

Space fiction is not the most frequent visitor on the big screens, and probably therefore, with every new film of this genre waiting for some achievements, but the quality of each new product brings only disappointment.

This time we are waiting for the astronauts and Ryan Reynolds (already creepy), ISS and something ALIVE…

As in my opinion — the astronauts is the best representatives of the scientific community in various fields, be it biology, engineering, mechanics, medicine, that is, people are smart, rational, level-headed, savvy, operating according to strict, thousands of times memorized the instructions, as did the space outside the window.

What do we get: the beginning of the film — all the important (astronauts after all), make smart, burdened mind the face of the camera, you talk the talk, but when events start to go wrong suddenly turn into headless flock, spewing from their mouths another”clever” plan, which someone dies as the result of irreversible stupidity.

This is probably a completely new scientific approach, to detect completely new, not only an alien life form, deliver it to the ship and then poke her fingers.

The acting remained probably somewhere in a box of dirty socks in the mission control center. Instead of showing at least any the right emotion in the frame, the faces of the actors necessarily shyly hiding in the crease of the hand leaving the audience only a courageous top.

The characters absolutely uninteresting for them is absolutely not interesting to watch, they never hunt to survive. Of course, in the movie a couple of times the creators have tried to try to uncover the characters that absolutely did not work: Reynolds tocoi as dolt (Oh, surprise) as in all his previous “works”, Jake Gyllenhaal — minor phlegmatic; onboard, as I understand it, a biologist, a lover to poke his fingers in aliens is just a masterpiece, this man is a disaster, as he lived to his age, preserving all of the limbs remains a mystery; the rest of the “actors” impenetrable greyness, whose screen time is directly proportional to their intelligence.

The script… the script, apparently, became lost in the abyss of dirty socks, or maybe was used with a more important purpose — folded in a neat cigarettes and happily smoked. The Director, however, was done during the puffing scenario did not participate, so directing at the picture all right.

After these products feel very sad for the genre of space fiction. It is completely empty, boring, annoying lack of any sort nibylo logic in the actions of the characters.

It’s just a bad movie.

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New review: Live 10.06.2017

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