New review: Live 10.06.2017

“Well, that’ll blow up instagram friends?!” A fantastic cliché-a picture of Swede Daniel Espinosa, from the very first frame immerses you in the vacuum space, no less, to the ISS in a friendly international team, where it will be even Katya Golovkin (DYKHOVICHNY) from Russia (not really, political tolerance) that everything else is the captain of the crew. The astronauts, taking over miraculously cargo from Mars, start studying a unicellular organism, which was discovered in the Martian soil. In the beginning, a kind of ciliate, no signs of life were fed, then the specialist-biologist Hugh Derry (Bakare), decided to poke it with a stun gun, so to speak, to Wake the first proof of extraterrestrial life, why the unknown creature woke up so that he broke his hand this dark-skinned scientist with a disability, and in addition, using the same stun gun, came out of a research camera independently, what also speaks about the presence of single-celled mind.

Echoes of “Strangers”, shamelessly hovering in the growing suspense of such a stencil horror, still growing, and you’re holding this in mind, that just does not work, you begin to wonder who’s gonna get killed next and who as a result of all of this mess live. And we have to admit, most of the predictions came true, except for the very end of the film where fans of spontannosti left supposedly “delicious” ending with a stepping stone to the second part. Not to mention the brutal killing of the poor astronauts who proved to be quite creative, given the weightlessness and the beauty is not spilled because of her blood, and quite good special effects and graphics in the form of the Earth from the window.

Verdicchio the movie “Life”, first of all, we note that for awesome stiffness Kina, hiding banal blueprint for, beloved, cosmic horror, which from a boring toshima not save even the “Deadpool” from “Prince of Persia”, not to mention the “delicious”, but useless outcome.

Something like that!

New review: Live 10.06.2017

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