New review: Live 13.06.2017

The plot is simple as 2 pennies. The international station in space on a mission to find life on Mars. But not just to find her, you need to scientifically prove about the form extra-terrestrial life, what they do.

On the subject of space was removed a huge number of movies, and will be charged too. Because this unknown and unknowable the universe is so interested in people. But to bring new cinema is unlikely to succeed. Probably not really trying. But the Director turned out to be 100% to catch up with the suspense! Movie really scary, intense, interesting. Scary closed space, which did not look everywhere the same space! Not to get just! The storyline is good. Despite light error still came out good.

Composition: heroes on the ISS as it should be. There are Russian, Japanese, American, English and Calvin! Each has its own character and that I liked reveals each in its own way. From what empathize even more. There are unfamiliar faces to me: Olga Dykhovichnaya, Erion Bakar. Despite Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds, actors who in recent times on the screen flicker quite often, all failed in their role. There are well-known not really overshadow the others. Can’t allocate major role among the actors! I waited stereotyped, namely: who will die first? I think you understand me. Turned out to be absolutely not so. The film with the usual theme was so unusual!

Calvin: this is the same cat that caught the horror on the crew and on me too! Imagine aliens abducting humans and let’s experiment! Well as a fun person? Probably will close the thought in mind: to get out and crush all of them (aliens, of course.) So did Calvin. The only things in the station has Superman’s strength and intelligence, obviously well above 160 IQ. What I wanted, it’s evolution, baby! From ants to big dog. Normally he did. After all, every living organism that important? To save their lives. And human stupidity peculiar to us, and not extraterrestrial life. No, guests from outer space don’t make contact. Do not try to communicate, because in the end everything turned out so awful.

The scenery and scenes: Filmed all good, nothing to complain about. The space station itself Calvin turned, not in vain spent $58 000 000. There is an unpleasant scene (with regards to Reynolds). Plus the characters dying pretty lively, despite race and their preferences.

Music: great stretches the nerves, and of the effect of “BU” is. Great sounds that relax, cause you to shrink and not to come more from his world.

Cons: that’s all good, but I find what I need. Heroes to each other, even conflict was sad. Even if someone punched sneakers! And, perhaps, strange that the team is not afraid of extraterrestrial life and so rosy tries to learn it. What is it? Stupidity?

Conclusion: a very dynamic and well-detailed story, the viewer will be satisfied. Chic trillerny part and good acting. Well, from custom final you will be in shock. Guarantee!

8 out of 10

New review: Live 13.06.2017

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