New review: Live 21.06.2017

The story in the film is pretty standard indoor station, 6 people and 1 alien. The source data is good, it would be possible to come up with something, although particularly nowhere to turn. Everything in the film smacks of some kind of secondary, like cut several different famous and popular film, blinded and made something similar. But not, not up to anything spectacular.

Little characters and they have some outstanding. Until about the middle of the film it is difficult to distinguish between them (with the exception of two outstanding personalities), and only when the crew was a little cut became clearer where and who. But to feel for him sympathy and did not leave, because they hardly opened. Therefore, during the deaths don’t even really empathize.

In critical situations the characters are not the best way, although it would seem are the astronauts, who passed a serious selection, and are doing important work. But no, they bicker, forget about safety precautions, emotional and only one girl acts according to the Protocol.

Although the characters are not hooked, and rather irritated than aroused sympathy, the whole movie is not bad. I liked a few reasonable solutions, like a charming stranger, and an atmosphere that reminded a great game Prey 2017. And liked the ending.

In General I do not recommend watching the movie, although good horror films are almost never find, so that you can brighten up the evening. If you do not expect anything special and be prepared for a secondary, maybe even deliver a bit of fun.

6 out of 10

New review: Live 21.06.2017

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