New review: Live 24.06.2017

Usually write reviews only after a day after viewing, but then I couldn’t resist. Still under the impression, and Yes, the film is definitely worth it to spend on it 2 hours!

Finally found the time to look at this picture and, honestly, a storm of emotions. The advantage is that this is one of my favorite genres (space, horror, scientific fiction), but it also is a minus. Watch movies about space and not pay attention to the primitive laws complicated. I mean, first sounds (which is unclear how to apply the vacuum, as well as the final maneuver, which makes no sense. To be precise, given the position of the ISS, after David, the two capsules had to fall to the Ground (which actually says that the ending is planned, but the implementation wasn’t thought through), not to mention the fact that the ISS is about to crash to the Ground.

But I will leave the technical part and start to admire the movie! The plot is interesting, not very worn out, but not original. In reviews many references someone else, and it’s predictable, because Ridley Scott managed to create a masterpiece of the genre. But “Alive” deserves respect.

Special effects and sound (music, noises and tapping Kelvin) just on top. However, the stars are a bit much:)) Too little of Ryan, considering that the movie I wanted to watch just because of him. But his absence is more than compensated Gyllenhaal and Ferguson. As for Olga DYKHOVICHNY, then immediately there is a strange sympathy from the first minute. Maybe because Russia usually do not show the best side, or no show. But then you need to give them their due, in the film, political relations is not touched, which clearly played into the hands of creators.

But what is really worth to watch this movie is for the ending, which although predictable for 10-15 minutes before the end, but still played perfectly. Well, waiting for the continuation!!!

7 out of 10

New review: Live 24.06.2017

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