New review: Live 27.07.2017

As the tagline for the film here would be awesome, probably the most popular and hackneyed quote Saint-Exupery: “We are responsible for those who tamed”. The only thing it would need to be supplemented with: “or they’ll kill us and all our friends.” The new Thriller from Daniel Espinosa that’s about it.

Hostile alien, the team of astronauts, enclosed space of a space station. We all have seen, isn’t it? But the Director does not hide where the Shoe pinches. Espinosa stated directly that he was inspired by canonical “Stranger”, and it is visible to the naked eye. Even Calvin is vaguely reminiscent of literata.

Actually the plot is very simple, but no less entertaining. Despite the fact that the action “Live” unfolds by and large predictable, to follow him interesting. Perhaps because here, contrary to the unwritten rules of thrillers, the characters are almost not blunt and often make quite rational decisions. Chief engineer remained in an isolated room with out-of-control alien? Sorry, friend, we have safety, although we certainly try to do my best. Another thing is that Calvin conditional stupidity of the characters is not necessary — it and without assistance copes with the destruction of life in space.

The Director seems to have done the impossible: despite the dozens published in recent years, films about the cold space he has created a simple and at the same time, entertaining movie that holds the attention of mites. The fact that on paper this step looked like a regression: well who in their right mind in 2017 will be to remove the outer grinder, especially if there is kolanowski “interstellar” or the biblical “Prometheus”? But as you know, the best is the enemy of the good, and all brilliant — just. Because — suddenly — this approach was very personal. And even more from the man who directed the absolutely disastrous “Number 44”.

As for the cast, it’s really diverse here. Americans, Japanese, Russians. Last, contrary to all the same “44”, once shown not a universal evil. Their impersonation is the captain of the ISS Ekaterina Golovkina performed by Olga DYKHOVICHNY — brave, thoughtful, intelligent woman, capable of the feat, she will not fail to demonstrate. In General Hollywood stars like Jake Gyllenhaal, Ryan Reynolds or Rebeka Ferguson Shine not so brightly in the deserted space of the cosmos, and their individual game somehow fades and is lost. Most importantly, the heroes believe and empathize, but remains a strong feeling that each could take any talented “nouneym” — the movie would definitely have lost nothing, except that in the budget.

7 out of 10

New review: Live 27.07.2017

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