New review: Living 11.10.2017

The film is about racial segregation in the United States, which the creators described as apolitical. In many ways, this characterization is identical to what is on the screen. Unlike the recent film Selma, where segregation is presented in a wider aspect, here the emphasis is on human emotions and the reaction of the spouses already in the situation. Even the authorities of Virginia, which are the antagonist of the story, represented for the most part impersonal without direct invasion into the minds of the characters. Their experiences — it is rather a consequence of their own deeply personal reaction to the surrounding world and to communicate with each other.

What is the basis of history is the fate of real people, almost ten years defending own beliefs, confers emotional acuity. The issue of historical accuracy is always the case, but here the story is so personal and tied more on the relationships between the characters than on the judicial twists and turns, which often are not at all on the frame or it is not important, more than situational. After watching interest leads to a complete history spouses Living from open sources — including, for a better understanding of the theme of racial segregation in the United States. If the movie “the Maid” plays with the theme of the General and separate toilets, here the two spouses at the same time is forbidden in one state, not something in the room.

When the total drama stories in the movie “Loving” and reflection of a difficult era, this is a very beautiful movie. The atmosphere of the American South, known for other works submitted just enough so that it, at the time of viewing, I believe. A palette of warm shades nicely complement the romantic component and the relationship of the two main characters. By the way, that they attract maximum attention — the background of the movie is in fact invisible. Joel Edgerton portrayed the apathetic, but devoted his love of man, who is willing to go to the counter to impose others opinions. It’s not the best role of an actor, but a worthy completion of the record.

7 out of 10

New review: Living 11.10.2017

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