New review: Logan 10.06.2017

Worthy completion of the story of the most famous comic book hero Wolverine. A vivid example of how to show his life in the twilight of his long lived life. When all those whom you knew is gone, and you’re one live your balance with this absorbing all false and criminal laws of the city. Evaluating to just be left alone, given a chance for survival, but it’s just some strange madness. To stay in the old time fights, which are rather tired and need to look for an old friend has been losing his mind and falling into blackouts.

Movies about comic book characters for a long time will be a great success, but only a small part will get recognition. Logan long was as a character and as the film is quite successful. We all love when the main character is seeking justice against the evildoers by force. Exactly how it begins to destroy and break all enemies to pieces, falling into a mad rage. For all his appearance is not boring. And here is manifested a new story, where he appears to do one thing, while maybe even the last to leave, finally, at peace. But this Wolverine case is always completed successfully. Really just looks like he’s somehow aged in the truest sense of the word.

Not for nothing is the higher age rating it has given to this film is the main advantage and separation from all other movies based on comics. The main force of the exit of its main claws, which he admits in the course, hitting all enemies in which here arises from incised wounds, the blood, however, and not in a single case. Sometimes there are even instructive scene about how to behave. But the main thing is passing the sunset of the whole long life of our old and respected Logan.

9 out of 10

New review: Logan 10.06.2017

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