New review: Logan 13.08.2017

The film mantra. Grown up and clever movie of the X-men universe. Sounds like an oxymoron, but oddly enough it really is. The fact that the comics don’t believe for a second.

Slow and melancholic story about Superman, which is a miracle! — not to seek to save the world or defeat a terrible villain. The main character is Wolverine appears as a man… That is already a lot in terms of modern movie heroes. Our eyes on the screen appears the recovery of Wolverine, which came to life in every movie and this came to life in the most metaphorical sense of the word. Hero, who lived an incredibly long life, but only in this film, in this fact I begin to believe.

The plot is very close to reality as possible in a fiction film. Logan is in the company of Professor Xavier’s protecting the girl-mutant and seeks to achieve conditional Eden, where they can expect a “bright future”…

We should also mention the entourage of the world of post-Apocalypse without the Apocalypse. He came only to individuals. And subtle allusions to the fate of the remaining X-men lends a sadness in this sullen and rugged landscape of the world of the future. Of the world light of the past, the harsh present and the gloomy prospects of tomorrow. It — tomorrow — for the main characters simply do not exist. This world and the suspense of the finale is forced to follow the development of events in the film without stopping.

The main highlight of the film is 11-year-old Laura, a young version of Logan female. Her every appearance in the frame of this spectacle, and special effects with its participation set is really cool. The old guard in the person of Professor Charles Xavier is also in place. Patrick Stewart plays fiddle touching and visibly passed the leader all superhumans IKS. Helpless and at the same time incredibly dangerous for all the people around him.

Graceful metaphor about the struggle with himself in the final battle draws a line under a separate trilogy Wolverine and settles. A harsh and poignant in the story of the mutant played by Hugh Jackman.

9 out of 10

New review: Logan 13.08.2017

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