New review: Logan 27.07.2017

“Logan” — absolutely not “marvel” movie. It is not about superheroes, but about ordinary people with their weaknesses and vices. Even Wolverine is no longer a Wolverine, and only Logan prefers, however, to be called James Holtom. This is a very personal, deep, tragic and somewhat intimate film is not what you expect from the completion of a trilogy about main mutant “X”. It’s for the best.

Despite this, it is wrapped in a wrapper of bloody action. The film is not typical for kinokontrol an R rating and it is not recommended for viewing by children. That, in principle, becomes clear in the first minute: severed limbs and juicy pierced head set the tone for the rest of the action on the screen. Looking ahead: there is a lot of cruelty, violence and death. The latter generally becomes the leitmotif of the whole story, because the character long ago tired of living and wants only one thing: that it all finally ended.

However, this rating does not contribute to the loss of audience for one simple reason: “Logan” combines drama, Western, road movie, Thriller, action — and God knows what genres. Director James Mangold cleverly juggling them, making the picture becomes crowded in the superhero movie, and she walks far beyond them.

Perhaps, but the main thing — gradually increasing the feeling of something inevitable that will happen at the end. The feeling of imminent death of someone from the heroes (and possibly all), and, as a consequence, the collapse of the whole. It is on this background unfold the inner battles of Logan, whose claws drags itself to the past and which was badly battered life. He works as a limo driver, feel chronic fatigue, comes tuberculous coughing, limping, slowly regenerate from wounds much to drink and can no longer read without glasses. At the same time he cares for the only living mutant “X” (apart from him) Professor Xavier on the verge of senility.

The Director shows us superhumans without the prefix “super” helpless and infirm, lived out his life and dreams to run away from humanity. There is also the inherent conflict of fathers and children: Professor Xavier and Logan and Logan and Laura — little girl that he has to save, because they have too much in common. And although Logan repeatedly says that he’s a bad man, adamantium ribs still beating tender and compassionate heart, capable of feats and sacrifice that seem to surprise even the Wolverine.

It’s an adult movie, with a scalpel, revealing the boils of society, where in order to cease being human, not necessarily to become a mutant. Simply “divide and conquer”, “dominate and humiliate”. This and trying to resist the protagonist — the eternal outcast who can not get cherished most in life — peace. And confront him again almost alone: all his friends died long ago, and new affections Logan is not looking for — because they hurt stronger than a bullet.

Pronounced antagonist as such here. Rather, the collective image of the society which is guided by the world-old truth: “Who is not with us is beneath us.” It becomes the embodiment of the pierce — a former military man with a mechanical hand prosthesis. Although the viewer intuitively understands that if something happens to the Pier, he was immediately replaced by another and nobody will notice the difference.

It is clear that in the film there are also disadvantages: for example, it is unlikely that the plot is very surprising the audience, although the dialogues are almost no SAG. However, they do not want to notice simply because all two hours you really empathize with the characters, on reflection and being in suspense, but it’s worth it! In addition, the disadvantages are partly offset, and elegant acting. No wonder Hugh Jackman in an interview, said that in a five-minute scene of the first meeting of Logan and Xavier relationship of the characters shown better than in all 17 years of “X-Men”. It’s really true. And yet you feel sorry for them — not out of pity, but as old friends, which will soon have to say goodbye.

In the beginning, I said there’s nothing left of marvel. And more proof of my words — no hidden scene after the credits. It is not. Logan was gone forever, but we will remember it, because it’s the end of an era.

9 out of 10

New review: Logan 27.07.2017

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