New review: Londongrad. Know our 13.09.2017

“Londongrad” probably had to go out year in 2008, but not in 2015. Now London is, perhaps, not so popular in Russia. And yet it is one of the cutest series in recent years, and very sorry that he did not continue.

The plot is a multi — Agency “Londongrad” which works as the name implies, primarily came from Russia. It is headed by one man orchestra Mikhail Kulikov, assisted by representatives of the “Golden youth” Alice and Oleg, simple Stepan ryazanets and its complete opposite — lawyer Boris Brickman. Later they are joined by restaurateur Vadim and computer whiz Sasha, which is also exemplary of a sociopath. They will face very different and usually eccentric clients: to save the reputation, to reconcile families, from time to time even uncover these crimes.

Of course, fans of detectives “Londongrad” will disappoint. No dark mysteries, sophisticated criminals, and attempts to exaggerate in two main plot lines look quite convincing.

But it is full of colorful characters, starting with the Michael performed by Nikita Efremov. Particularly well succeed him explaining to the audience. However, my favorite is definitely the son of the oligarch Oleg, half comic, half dramatic character, fine spirit, which many hide from the recent mind and funny manners.

No, “Londongrad” obviously does not pretend to be anything more than a few dozen hours of your time. In this sense it is no different from any other sitcom, but the series is twice as long. And yet it has wonderful charm, some kind of internal energy that does not allow to say: this is just another series.

New review: Londongrad. Know our 13.09.2017

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