New review: Lord of the 05.10.2017

What I do know about the existence of this film — a great success for me.

Operation Overlord is the British name for the Normandy invasion; accordingly, the film is set during the Second world war. The main character is a young Brit, barely of the age of majority (21 years), who, along with others, mostly young men, were drafted into the army in 1944. One of the features of the film is that it is at least one third (and sometimes the entire half) consists of documentary footage: this is the real military equipment, real bombings, real explosions, etc. in order to combine the timeline with new material, Cooper went on perfectly logical step: shooting the entire film on old hardware (maybe even once aged the image, but without fanaticism — no scratches on the film, shaky shots and the like). So that was a rare movie to combine reality and fiction, the art part so well together with the documentary that the result came out very interesting, even exceptional.

In this story a very little unusual — this way, from recruitment to the battlefield, passed a huge number of men, millions of people from different countries. But the story is told in an extraordinary and at the same time is very simple: this simplicity is captivating, because at that time, as in many paintings in the intricacy and richness of action hides a complete or partial absence of the ideas here to hide no reason, therefore, to look for anything it is not necessary to understand and feel this movie can anyone who wants to, regardless of gender, age, social status and so on. In the absence of action and other husk remains lot of space for art transmitting feelings and ideas, and from this simplicity and honesty price Overlord is greatly increased in my eyes.

Overlord is a film that does not deserve obscurity and oblivion. One can only hope that it will not be completely forgotten and lost interest in it sometime in the future will increase and you will appreciate the talent of Stuart Cooper, sadly buried under a pile of detectivecom television and film Alexander Nevsky (which is really quite sad).

10 out of 10

New review: Lord of the 05.10.2017

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