New review: Louis 01.10.2017

Before was announced the release of a series about the life of Lou C. K., the comedian has already made a name for himself as a stand-up Pro, as an actor, voice-actor and as a producer. But the main role in the sitcom with elements of biography and not the biggest budget — was it worth it? — Definitely worth it!

The show “Louie” was released on screens in 2010. The forerunner of the “Louis” is the cult nineties TV series “Seinfeld”, the main role is played by the same popular comedian of his time — Jerry Seinfeld. “Louis” took the basic concept and style of “Seinfeld”, namely, the insertion at the beginning and end of each issue with the performance of ck, diluted what is happening a large number of characters, and characters often play a cameo, and the typical UPS and downs of the life of middle-aged men who divorced and with two children. But the main party of the series is, of course, humor! Each series smoothly tells us a story that story is not called as such, but rather a long anecdote, which is narrated from the person and feelings of the narrator. The hero always becomes involved, voluntarily or unwittingly, into all sorts of scrapes and accidents, which, as happens often in life, things are not in his favor. Get acquainted with girls, children, financial problems, stupid friends, and a bunch of other all — all this is brought with great sarcasm and humor that is Mature and funny; the hero raises a smile, a laugh and a bit of regret.

In General, the series “Louie” was able to make himself primarily through the efforts of a group of writers led by C. Kay. Such creations are usually liked by the audience and critics for a long time and provide yourself a existence on the screen. “Louis” has his roster for five seasons, and that is fine — they all look decent and do not bother the audience! Must see.

New review: Louis 01.10.2017

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