New review: love 14.06.2017

Why I watched it?

For the finest types of the beloved Petersburg. Well, the phrase “this is the Russian answer to the fifty shades of grey”. Well, well, how ??

In General, this is the film format of the channel “Russia 1”, and a mistake of the creators to put it on the big screens. The actual difference between budget and revenue proof.

The audience tried to lure Frank erotic scenes. Hmm ? they’re unsightly, ugly, in General any.

Such a plot we’ve seen many times. Girl, entangled in feelings, throws poor husband for a wealthy, successful adult men. But the years pass…

The actors have no questions for this level they are very managed.

The music in the film was terrible, would be better if it did not exist.

And the transitions between scenes – blue blurred vertical stripes give a bad taste and cheapness.

Pass by this picture.

4 out of 10

New review: love 14.06.2017

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