New review: Love in the city of angels 02.10.2017

Can’t say that I am a fan of Russian cinema. I, like most people who criticize him almost always. And, with all this, always try to give him a chance. It would seem. What could be easier than to remove easy movie about love in one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It turned out that we can’t.

If Mikael Aramyan issues, in principle, not to Employment them a lot. Well, stop you. Why play if you don’t know how. Solid replay. Not a normal scene. And the silliest scene by the English speaking Andrey Sviridov. Why? What is it for? And such stupid and empty dialogues a lot in the film. Have not experienced a single dialogue in the film.

Even in the opening credits I was misled that the Director Sarik Andreasyan. Although there is no word about it. What would it mean? The claim is to everything. Up to camera work. At the beginning of the film there is a scene where the characters go in the evening on the bridge. So there is the naked eye can see how wobbly the camera, leaning backwards. Well shame, guys. Why do we need this movie? Why in a film about love without true emotions? Too empty and manipulative.

A couple of points can be given a couple of decent scenes types with good music. And that’s something.


New review: Love in the city of angels 02.10.2017

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