New review: Love in the city of angels 05.10.2017

Their first meeting seems to be something quite incredible. Sunny beach, Los Angeles, a nice breeze and nothing more. He sits on the sand, looking into the distance. She passes by and makes to draw attention to themselves in the most insolent manner!.. It seems that this in our world simply do not exist, and to meet close to you, you need to go through some crazy test. But no, sometimes Cupid hits the target just like that and it will something incredible.

Honestly, I could not believe that our guys can shoot a romantic movie without vulgarity, but with clear thoughts and a healthy dose of irony. “Love in the city of angels” dispels my doubts, as it gives a half hour of stories, which is happening right here and now. The young people he met on the beach, spend a few days together and you can believe me: it will be an unforgettable pastime. They absolutely do not need to know each other to call. They can all talk without words, just don’t build a full audience film. The guy and the girl seem made for each other and ready to get involved in the most incredible romantic adventure, because they want to and can.

It’s nice that the main roles in “Love in the city of angels” were invited an interesting young performers, has a certain appeal that comes from within. And if Natalia Rudova long captured our hearts with their beauty and charm, Mikael Aramyan was a surprise to me. In a pleasant sense, of course. He is intelligent, handsome and quite simple, although nothing is down to earth not alien to him. Paired with Employment he looks confident and dignified. And together they are one of the best Russian movie couples of recent times.

Summary: in all respects pleasant and soulful film. It is useless to seek in this much depth. Just take and get pleasure from a fabulous story of love, which would like to participate, probably, everyone.

7 out of 10

New review: Love in the city of angels 05.10.2017

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