New review: Love in the city of angels 09.10.2017

Basically, I wanted to see (up close, so to speak) for a girl Natalia Rudova. The young lady she is prominent: in films, on the covers of glossy magazines she is invited, arrange photo shoots, sports seem to be actively engaged in or have engaged… the Girl (34 years) really wow: shape, skin, long legs, hair, shoulders (quite broad), lips…

Nice location — L. A., West coast, beach, sand, waves, pretty young people… But here starts the dialogue and it becomes somehow sad. The level of these “intelligent conversations” by no means corresponds to the age of our heroine, as did a young woman, and simple phrases, thoughts, girl, 18-19 years old, could speak on such topics. Five times was “wear” a dress, shirt instead of “wear”. Russian language is still Foreign.. girl looking into the camera and telling us his ideas about love, they say that it is all love? (this is the finding of the Director is to take close — up faces of the girls on the streets of Los Angeles, California, USA, despite the fact that they are all without exception speak Russian), and then mentioned “butterflies in the stomach”. Love is when you feel butterflies in your stomach… the Director obviously liked that expression…

A young man (cloudless) was completely empty. Yeah, he’s harmless, my dear, to the best indifferent, or cynical. And completely banal. Love is for girls, sighs there, emotions, feelings, Dating, understanding… All this is nonsense. Our hero admits that the sight of a cute member of the opposite sex, begins to think busily, as if it is closer to get to quickly implement his plan. Well I mean to sleep. A worthy object — I need to copulate. And even better — several times. And that’s all. That’s all his scanty philosophy. And then you can take it with you to the beach, a girl child or your wife, have fun playing with them and not notice the emphasis is the one that so enthusiastically lied a couple days ago.

A strange film, so contrived. And empty.

Love where it is. Is boredom…

New review: Love in the city of angels 09.10.2017

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