New review: love the notification 25.06.2017

George, I think you have the biggest ego on this planet!
– What do you… know everybody on the planet? ©

One of my favorite films to review which is a pleasure. Beautiful, sweet and incredibly charming romantic Comedy that I just love.

Seemingly simple and unpretentious story, but it is so interesting and exciting is filed, that is simply not dare to call it a disadvantage.

For anybody not a secret that the perfect casting is the main key to success of any film. And “Love with the notice” do boasts excellent cast.

Without exaggeration I can say that Hugh Grant is just brilliantly played the role of George Wade — a successful businessman-Lovelace, breathtakingly handsome and attractive to women. Charisma and charm, so Hugh bribe and attract that is simply impossible to imagine in his place someone else. The Director clearly made the right decision with the choice of actor.

Sandra bullock — amazing, talented actress that is equal to any role. And the role of the emancipated Lucy Kelson is a lawyer and campaigner for the preservation of old buildings is no exception. Her character is demanding to himself and to others the girl who always goes to the goal no matter what. She’s smart and sensible, but also incredibly nice, funny, sympathetic, with a real rod inside. Sandra is truly a great talent! She is one of the few Actresses whose acting do enjoy from the first to the last minute of the film; the actress who plays and lives the part! Bravo, Sandra!

“Love with the notice” pleases the audience with his wonderful sense of humor. Don’t know about others, but I have once again reviewing this terrific romantic Comedy, laugh at your favorite Comedy episodes like the first. And, most importantly, the jokes are devoid of any vulgarity that I particularly appreciate in any film.

P. S. a Wonderful, dear, amazing film I just love. I do not understand why this movie is so often criticized? What else to expect from this genre? Original, twisted plot? Meaning? Drama? Yes, this film does not claim to masterpiece, but it will definitely give you a lot of positive emotions for a long time. If you haven’t seen “Love with the notice” — must see this wonderful romantic Comedy.

10 out of 10

New review: love the notification 25.06.2017

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