New review: love’s a Bitch 26.07.2017

I was expecting this film a lot more. Don’t understand how he deserved such a high rating and cheers looked.

Movie consists of three parts, each with its own story. Together, more precisely in contact for only short moments in which the characters are in one place at one time. Common morality or any unifying all three parts of the through line of the plot in the film is not observed. Except dogs, they have all the parts. And disgusting relationship of the main characters to their families. They all either cast them for yourself, or are going to do it. A feeling that just looked three independent short films. No common core, around which would be “wound” events, everything goes apart and comes into contact only briefly.

The characters of all three stories also do not cause the viewer any warm feelings. Only disgust or indifference.

In the first part we are shown a young guy, the bastard who did not scruple at nothing, nothing to him not Holy. He is ready to put on the deadly fighting your dog, hire thugs to beat her brother, to run away with the wife of his brother and leaving the mother without any money. But at least something is happening and is there any “complicity” of the viewer in the events.

Second, we show abandoned his family of a man who’s moved on long legs of a model, erected his appearance in the cult. If the first part more or less logical, everything is not so. Hero has a good income enough to buy and furnish an apartment for his passion, but he had “no money to repair holes in the floor.” But this is simply sucked from the finger. Here I can say one thing: the creators of this movie needed a hole in the floor for the key plot twist, but fit it into the plot more smoothly and realistically, they could not. And anguish, terrible anguish. While watching the second part I thought that the film would have to end, but looked less than half. It bored all: characters, plot, setting, music, and even the dog is gray.

In the third part we show the elderly homeless-the kennel (last rebel), who sometimes moonlights as a Hitman. There are more events that meant anything to the plot. But still dreary and slow narration makes itself felt.

No one to empathize, no one’s fate does not touch a nerve, all disgusting.

The only character that I liked in the movie is… And not him! They’re all disgusting.

Camera all the time, or shakes, or moves, even in those scenes where this is inappropriate. As if filmed on a mobile phone by the hands of the alcoholic. The close-up shots in the car with trembling hand of the operator, especially given the fact that the car travels with constant speed and on a flat road, terribly annoying. Well, why do that?

To summarize. The film is two hours, but the feelings of losing time in the whole day. And don’t get anything, except indignation.

In my estimation it would be a couple points higher if not for the public opinion about this film. Something like that.

3 shaggy dog of 10

New review: love’s a Bitch 26.07.2017

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