New review: Luck happiness 05.10.2017

It’s hard to write something sensible about unintelligible, but at one point you need to focus on.

If there was a contest for the most clichéd movie, it facial joints no doubt would have received the first prize. It’s not a Movie. It is a collective image of the Russian people, as the servant of God, destined to work for a piece of store-bought sausages, to put up with the poverty and hopelessness of life, not to offend the higher authorities in the face of the district court system and rely on “God’s mercy” silently to believe in a better life…

This Zombie Russian Orthodox Spill.

Thus we can safely say: have Directors and operators of the era of silent cinema’s technical possibilities available “creators” of the subject matter — they certainly could have done it better.

Good words deserves a game of the main characters. In the few minutes of “film” when they represent their heroes hidden the only thing worthy of mention.

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New review: Luck happiness 05.10.2017

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