New review: Lucky case 15.06.2017

Start with the fact that Ural dumplings I do not like and therefore, if not for a positive review of a friend, a movie to look did not become. Even one at a time “to laugh chill” to advise you will not.

Initially, the idea seemed interesting, I had high hopes and thought that the plot will be promoted. In the climax of the film began complete alcobra, which is, I believe, will be funny and interesting only AlcatelLucent sharing the humor and attitudes of the characters. Film Directors hoped that he would be close to the people, to reality with the eternal lack of money, mortgages, quarrelsome wives and drinking buddies. But people love do not have to turn art into a pigsty.

About any acting or speech, witty jokes and can not be, is that the “ensign Shmatko”, but that is my personal likes, the film has no relationship. Flat humor, mediocre actors.

Look at the stupid, not burdened with intelligence drunk person the whole film was so turned off and running out of the theater.

Those who love “Show Ural dumplings”, the film might enjoy. I apologize in advance if hurt “the feelings of believers”.

New review: Lucky case 15.06.2017

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