New review: Lucky Logan 28.09.2017

Almost gone sober the hardened criminal Director ironic adventures, I decided to take one last job before lay low. Steven Soderbergh, the best friend of a gang of Oushena, put the film on the script is not known to anyone debutante. In principle, the scenario is not worth even to read the word “robbery” in the project description for the Director would be more than enough. Quickly concocted accomplices with the plan, collecting new star gang boss was ready to go to a business and even a lookout, that is behind the camera.

In the story the main characters are brothers Logan in the performance of Channing Tatum and Adam Driver live measured life provincial of the South, while the financial situation is not ajar and does not expire patience against the injustices of capitalist society. Brothers Logan decided on a daring robbery for which they need an experienced safecracker Joe “Broads” performed by Daniel Craig.

Steven Soderbergh shows two of their signature trump: an easy flow and excellent camera work. Bright panoramic shooting alternate with charismatic characters, humorous situations with equally funny dialogues and cozy atmosphere of the American South. The flavor of the actors demonstrated great cast: rustic hero Tatum and lightly brake one-armed brother Driver make a good on-screen opposed to bright and eccentric character Craig, drawing the audience a picture of the diversity of the southern establishment, whiling away the days at work and evenings at the bar or in jail as lucky. And in the middle of it all, and even robbing the Federal level right in the middle of NASCAR racing. And everything is so bright and so beautiful that the eyes do not tear… but Nice try, Steve, you almost managed to divert attention from the most important aspects behind the guise of all this “southern comfort”. As the saying goes: the devil is in the details. Specifically, in this case, cattle were hiding in the void of the color characters that do not have a soul or need history, no motives, no depth. Neither Logan, nor about the “Tick” together with all the women and minor characters, almost nothing is known: characters is not disclosed as the secret of the success of their enterprise without any criminal experience. As some redneck hillbilly from North Carolina has developed a perfect plan of the robbery and no less perfect escape from prison is not reported. Apparently they called for a truly Newtonian insight, increase IQ main characters at 80 percent. Art and intrigue “mnogohodovochki” together with small accidents, miraculously walking into the hands of our heroes, only reinforce the frequency of occurrences of question marks in my mind throughout the film, which does not allow to fully appreciate this story, more like a story of a stranger in the bar about one amazing case, through the tenth hands became fiction. And perhaps this is the main feature of the film and its cons.

+: Setting, cinematography, humor.

-: Not spelled out until the end of the characters falling dynamics.

New review: Lucky Logan 28.09.2017

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