New review: Made in America 12.10.2017

Until yesterday who is Barry seal knew neither I nor Wikipedia.

Today, the situation with the Wiki has not changed (the reference are still “broken”), and here I am, thanks to Director Doug Liman (“edge of tomorrow”, “the Bourne Identity”) and Tom cruise was lucky enough to fill the gap in knowledge and to get acquainted with the biography of this extraordinary man.

Barry seal — superior civilian pilot, who by chance started working with the CIA, drug trafficking, Latin American rebels and the White house. When consistently, when all of them. Innate flying skills and gained a business reputation very quickly turned it into one of the most obscenely wealthy people of the USA. But to leave this business is much harder than to get there.

Biopic “King of contraband” (original “American Made”) was shot on the common patterns of the stories about the easy money. Bright charismatic character in a short time to illegally makes a fortune. It happens at the peak of some kind of puncture and for him to come. Assassins or secret service.

While watching “Barry seal” you can catch yourself thinking that you are reconsidering “the wolf of wall Street”, only without the obscene scenes. Like the “wolf” character of DiCaprio, the hero of Tom cruise is a charismatic axis on the orbit which rotates the other participants in the film. But by “Barry seal” is not playing at 100% capacity, and it is only a plus. The viewer has the opportunity to evaluate other characters — take, for example, Pablo Escobar with his Madalinski cartel.

In contrast to the standard biographical paintings, the work of Doug Lyman, with the participation of screenwriter Gary Spinelli claims to be a friendly cartoon, but it never goes beyond the bounds of parody. “King of contraband” lasts about two hours, but they will pass unnoticed — the script is written “exactly”, the plot sags and sudden jerks is not observed. The film is full of humor, but without barbs. Tom cruise is funny, but not ridiculous. Working with panoramas operator Cesar Charlone (“Blind”, “City of God”) is on par with high flying skills of the protagonist.

“Barry seal: the King of contraband” is a vertical takeoff and a steep dive with the logical conclusion of the history of easy money. Tom cruise returns the lost positions and after a disastrous “Mummy” completely rehabilitates himself.

American Made by viewing is recommended.

7 out of 10

New review: Made in America 12.10.2017

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