New review: Made in America 13.10.2017

Easy money is not good. This idea keeps appearing throughout the film. You clearly imagine the ending of the movie, but it does not cause you rejection. You realize that to pay for everything. But this idea is woven into the atmosphere of some weird kind of drive from the very first scene of the film, does not cause sadness, sorrow, or grief. On the contrary, feeling for the main character, you’re imbued his mood: “so what to do? I always did, and then thought.” This positive energy, along with a light, but touching some delicate strings of humor, allows you to spend two hours in a state of courage, as if you were watching “Forrest Gump” and “the Wolf of wall Street” at the same time.

The story is similar to adventure DiCaprio in “the Wolf”, but without the excessive romanticism of this lifestyle and vulgar inserts, with elements of humor “Forrest” historical narratives and the intersection with real characters recent past symbolic-prophetic begins with the hero Tom cruise begins to misbehave behind the wheel of the aircraft off the autopilot. A similar story could happen to me or any other ordinary man, because in order to survive you have to possess the character of an adventurer with a thirst for risk and a constant adventure.

I do not want to retell the movie, but if you want to spend a couple of hours, smiling at the sight of Pablo Escobar, Reagan, the bushes, senior and Junior, depending on how again the shining eyes of Tom cruise in anticipation of the flight at low level altitude over the positions of militants with anti-aircraft weapons, just go to the movies. If you don’t wait for the movie search for the underlying causes of the behavior of the characters and some morality, you will definitely enjoy it.

8 out of 10

New review: Made in America 13.10.2017

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