New review: Made in America 13.10.2017

How could anyone not love Tom cruise, but, admit it, this year he didn’t have much luck. Do you still remember “the Mummy” with him in the lead role? No? Right, let’s just pretend that it did not exist. Do you remember how the Studio started to blame Cruz for the failure of the film? Do you remember how he effects performed one trick, the sixth “Mission”? Yes, apparently, Cruz did not want for the new year. But salvation came. Come from the most unexpected places.

“We had two bags of grass, 75 tablets of mescaline, 5 marks a powerful acid…”

The Doug Liman — the Golden man. The Director of the first “Bourne” film, “Mr. and Mrs. Smith” and, of course, “edge of tomorrow”, a kind of new look at Cruz. And now, their new collaboration “Made in America” was launched in cinemas. My God, what a good movie!

“… pulsology of cocaine and a mountain of activators, depressants and things, all colors…”

Biopic, a genre not always well-working. Often biobike extremely boring, slow, walking for five hours (I went through, but felt it exactly), Lyman “went against the system”. We have a very dynamic, energetic movie. For the first twenty minutes we have time to talk as much as usual biopic talk for hours. You will not have time to sleep, the film simply never stops and it looks very interesting. Even more surprising is the fact that is described in this tape, the events occurred in real life. I think many watching this will be of interest to the story of Barry seal.

“… and also a quart of tequila, a liter of rum, a case of beer…”

Dynamics was a wise decision. But wiser still would be nice to add this movie a lot of humor. And humor, surprisingly, a very high quality. More than once I laughed, not just smiled. So history is perceived more easily. In fact it is very gloomy, but a joke takes on a whole different color. The hero Cruz takes everything with a large dose of humor basically around it most of the good jokes and being built. By the way, Cruz (unlike himself in “the Mummy”) plays pretty well. His Barry seal definitely is sympathetic. It is possible of course Cruz Cruz plays again… but then he does it with dignity.

“… a pint of ether and two dozen amyl.”

“American Made” — another surprise of the year. If you have already seen the new “blade Runner”, or if you’re just not ready for a heavy, long films, then feel free to go to the cinema on a new film with Tom cruise. I personally received a lot of positive emotions. The film is energetic, not boring, fun, it re-appears charismatic Corn, “Made in America” direct lifted my spirits. I advise you to watch this picture, definitely will not regret it. Just a note, there’s an ass cruise, naked.

8.5 out of 10

For not less than energetic camera work thanks to Cesar Charlone. Her film was at times steeper…

New review: Made in America 13.10.2017

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