New review: Made in America 20.10.2017

Once again the principle: the less you wait, the more you get. A biopic about the adventurous pilot really pleasantly surprised. It is easy, provocative and daring movie that never made me bored. And, of course, well, what’s unusual about the fate of people can still be present in such an original manner.

The scenario ribbon spelled out quite well: I think every viewer will be able to experience a whole whirlpool of unimaginable events that took place in Barry’s life. The film is pure dynamics, since our hero is prone to rush from one extreme to another (both running errands CIA Forces also moonlights as a drug mule). Decent conversations are, as a rule, the bridge, lead to the following chain of adventures. Separately want to praise a movie for what it is in accessible form for sending the necessary information to understand what is happening, confusing just will not work. In “Made in America” has many humorous moments and funny situations submitted so spontaneous as possible.

But in the present picture, and roughness which can not fail to pay attention. The main drawback of scenario, to me, is the fact that the film is not getting the expression of the inner world of Barry seal: how he feels? What does it mean that I have to do? This affects one of the most important structural elements of the corresponding image — the evolution of the protagonist. Looks doubtful the storyline associated with the heroine’s brother. Its necessity in the biopic is very controversial, and the only justification that comes to mind is to show cruise’s character, on what action the cartel is able to achieve the objectives. Last, that hurt my eyes: the transition from one scene to another sometimes takes place too abruptly and unexpectedly, even if the episode is not completed and the audience has already switched to another event.

The technical side of the film is pleasing camera work and music. Camera successfully “playing” with the image, and panoramic views are undoubtedly extremely beautiful and spectacular. Light music compositions organically immersed in the atmosphere of dashing narrative.

Tom cruise is one of those rare actors whose abilities do not require any rating: it is enough to appear on the screen as charisma and Hollywood smile are doing their job. Tom is just a nice guy who is incredibly organic look in the frame. An interesting role was assigned to Donal Gleason, but because of the meager amount of time to fully embrace the hero does not work. And yet even in the allotted minute, the Irishman manages to leave a bright trace in the picture.

Finally I want to Express my gratitude to Doug Lyman. The Director was not afraid to tackle material that openly discredits the United States itself, the administration of Ronald Reagan, the American government and intelligence agencies, and moreover gave the corresponding historical events in a comical and ironic way. Be a lesson, as they say.

PS If you want to learn more about the scandal of Iran-contra, but looking at it from the dramatic side, I recommend a good movie with Jeremy Renner “Kill the messenger”.

8 out of 10

New review: Made in America 20.10.2017

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