New review: Malasarte 27.09.2017

I’m usually very skeptical about modern children’s cartoons, both Russian and foreign. Lately they have gone the line between interesting, educational children’s immature minds, history and simplicity of its filing. Children’s cartoons in your content have become so simplified that they are devolving rather than get any stage of development. In the case of “Militarytime” I was pleasantly surprised, because this balance between an interesting story for the child and ease its flow is observed. Sometimes even adult parent it is interesting to observe from the scene.

The plot is much “younger” and prettier animals from “Smeshariki” with the basic temperaments and characteristics inherent to each child, get in certain household situations, which have to be solved. The final scene of each story submitted in the form of a light song that promotes fixation shown earlier. The material is fed so simple and interesting that an adult is usually not necessary to give the baby any further clarification.

The plots of each series are intended to teach the child basic skills: to clean, to wash, to distinguish colors, shapes, etc. In my opinion, for any mom, this series will be a good help in the education of Chad, for example a screen is sometimes more effective instruction.

9 out of 10

New review: Malasarte 27.09.2017

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