New review: Malena 18.06.2017

Absolutely did not like the film. Even a watch could not. And the reason is simple. ALL the characters (except for Malena’s) or two anxious perverts, who cast the woman like a hound on a bitch in heat, or embittered bastards. While there, more often in the movie were the two options in one. That, at least compared to other, Malena overly innocent and good.

Tale fairy tale. As children often show in cartoons. A bunch of ugly, nasty negative exaggerated characters and a few, again, exaggerated beautiful and good positive characters which are thrown for no reason. But the film, as I understand it, is not positioning itself as a fairy tale.

And, Yes, one of the negative qualities of the movie: really dirty. Yes, it is clear that everything in the film, in addition to Malena’s, villains, it’s a little more decent and softer to make them lunges at her, look ugly. Ie if it was just a movie, so to speak, with the “fabulous” characters, well, it wouldn’t be so bad (the stories are the place to be, why not). But the abundance of dirt completely discourage all desire to watch.

The positive qualities of the film: the beauty of Monica Bellucci, beautiful music and beautiful picture (Italy wonderful country). Because of this and started to watch, but… Even these qualities are unable to get to finish the movie.

How to evaluate don’t know. To put a low estimate of the hand is not raised, the actors play well, the picture and music are beautiful. But negative… so negative that we can say, all negated.

New review: Malena 18.06.2017

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