New review: Marshall 22.10.2017

I will not conceal about the film I found out by accident, and his description brought me up short. From the synopsis blew hackneyed “oskarovskoy” issues, subparagraphs “racism” and “anti-Semitism”. And I don’t hide her, to put it mildly, a cool attitude to the films “12 years of slavery”, “Django unchained” and their ilk. “Marshall” is played on their field, but completely under its rules, as there were at the time the title character.

What can I say — the session I went out in admiration, without having to form in my head compliments to articulate them. Praise I want, but to start I would like with humor. Surprisingly, since we are talking about the law a procedural COP show with a clear moral and ethical message! He works here on all fronts — pulls heroes from Paphos, softens awkward moments, fill potential pauses and just doesn’t give the viewer the hump of dirt from the last century. And humor this not only acceptable, but cool. I would call it the British-American.

But some jokes can not eat. And here we come to the aid of the plot to solve and to anticipate which is not so easy (and this sin 3/4 modern works). The film plays with the viewer, forcing you to sort through the development of business or just impatiently wait for every nuggets of information. But this story is still saturated and uppercase characters-lawyers, who are so different in detail, but overall very similar. Of Bosmana and reptile came out great tandem, the chemistry between them is downright oozes through the screen.

Also pleased with the interesting directorial finds (you’ll understand when you view, what was going on), installation of flawlessly high-quality reproduction of the entourage of those years at the expense of authentic costumes, decorations and, of course, music. In an atmosphere immersed with the head and catch light dissonance when leaving the hall.

Not that I don’t want to — I can’t prikopat to “Marshall”. I doubt that this write-up on the contrast in these paintings. It’s just a great movie that deserves your attention. Does he need a statue? I wouldn’t posluwat art.

New review: Marshall 22.10.2017

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